Poultry Animals - Hens & Aseels For Sale in Pakistan

Poultry indicates the category of domesticated animals, those kept by humans and raised for fiber, food, work, and feather. This category includes both animals and birds like a hen (chicken), ducks, ostrich, pigeon, turkeys, and many more. In the Agricultural Industry of Pakistan, the poultry quarter is one of its sparkling elements. The number of poultry farms available in Pakistan is around about 20000. The poultry life takes place from 7000 to 9000 years ago. About 4000 years ago, hens seemed to reach near the Indus valley, and then almost 250 years later, they reached Egypt. The poultry system begins, and the hens were raised on a large scale for the production of chicken and to facilitate the people with it.

Poultry production is necessary for worldwide humans because it plays a vital role in our life. Hence, Poultry production provides us the eggs, meats, fiber, feather, work. Poultry animals, meat and eggs, and many more things are part of our diet and health. People keep hens as a pet for their joy. But some people keep them for consuming the meat and eggs both things for their use. Hens can lay the eggs and through which the generation increases rapidly. You can buy hens easily from anywhere. Some people notify the other people from their posters that they want to sell their hen or want to buy hens from the market or the poultry farm. You can easily locate your identification and the information on any websites with a logo like Hens for sale in Pakistan.’ The lifespan of a hen is almost 5 to 10 years.

Fancy Hens:

Fancy hens is also another kind of hens. It is also known as silky or silkie in China. Its weight is 1.5 to 2 lbs. It has smooth, soft feathers. All these kind of hens for sale in Pakistan is on Petpallay. This website has the logo or items of this type in it. Fancy hens for sale in Pakistan are not as common as simple hens. Fancy hens are kept as a pet by the people who have craze of it. If you want to buy a fancy hen in Pakistan, we suggest Petpallay as the best platform for fancy hens for sale in Pakistan.

Aseel Hens:

Aseel hens or Asil is the reproduction of the chicken. In Pakistan, Aseel hens were mostly found in Punjab’s area. An Aseel is of different kinds, and its various types are best for fighting. If you want to buy an aseel in Pakistan for your interest in it, in the same way, you can search for different sites by entering the Aseel for sale in Pakistan. Basically, in Pakistan, not every person has an aseel as a pet. But mostly Petpallay is one of the websites in Pakistan where the aseel is available for sale. So, hens play an important in the society of Pakistan as they are not only use to eat but also as a pet.

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