Goats (Farming) For Sale in Pakistan

Sheep and goat farming in Pakistan is widespread and popular. Many people of Pakistan prefer the goat and sheep farming business. Goats are known as “poor man cow’s “because of their small size and adequate capacity to produce milk and meat positively. Goats are well admired and documented worldwide for providing food in terms of milk and meat and their products. They play a key role in supporting millions of poor, landless, and living in rural areas. Goats are not well embedded in the culture but socially acceptable to reduce global poverty, particularly for the developing nations.

At present, Pakistan supports 56.7 million head of goats consisting of about 25 well-recognized breeds found in different regions of the country. Goats annually contribute approximately 275 thousand tons of meat, 851 thousand tons of milk, 25 million skins, and 21.4 thousand tons of hair to the national economy. They are also a source of foreign exchange and contribute 2.5 percent of the annual milk production. The goat products produced in Pakistan are of high quality and has a great demand in the international market.

Benefits of Goat Farming in Pakistan:-

  • Goats are cheaper to buy and sell than cattle.
  • Easy to maintain than any other livestock.
  • The reproduction process begins earlier than any other animal and a gestation period is significantly less.
  • You can produce a wide variety of products, including meat, milk, skin, fiber, at the same time from the goat.
  • You can easily manage goats with other livestock animals and crop production.
  • Raising goats is very easy and simple; even Children and women can easily grow and take good care of them.
  • It has a great demand in the market. So, you don’t have to worry about marketing your farm products.
  • Goat Farming is a very popular, unique, and incredible business model in Pakistan.
  • Another benefit of starting goat farming in Pakistan is that “goat products has very solid demand in the local and international market.”
  • Goat Farming in Pakistan costs less than establishing any other livestock animal Farming business.

Some of the meat, milk, and fiber goats are the following:-

  1. Beetal
  2. Jamunapari
  3. Malabari(milk)
  4. Sirohi
  5. Black Bengal
  6. Assam local
  7. Barbari
  8. Shinghari (meat)
  9. Chegu,
  10. Changthangi
  11. (pashmina) and Deccani (Mohair)

Goat Husbandry Management:-

The management of goat husbandry divided into five groups:-

1.      Intensive system:-

The goat is grouped according to sex and age-wise, and these groups are separately confined to a shed; in the shed owner supply nutrition packages to the breed, the rate of death is highest under this system.

2.      Semi-intensive system:-

In this system, animals are kept under confinement for a limited time, but animals have the freedom to move freely in a restricted area.

3.      Tethering:-

In this case, animals are kept on the public ground having enough vegetation. Goats are not segregated based on age and sex.

4.      Semi Extensive system:-

In this system, animals are grazed on public pasture land at night; they are kept in the fenced shelter.

5.      Extensive system:-

When grasses and wild plants disappear and become scarce during the dry summer season, many herdsmen join together and migrate to the area, searching for pasture and water.

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